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Brad’s Travel Diary

Friday, 15 Jun 2007

Location: Wellington, New Zealand


Right...what a full on weekend!

Al and Jas rolled into town so on Friday we met for a few drinks at JJ Murphy's followed by the search for a dinner venue. When, to our dissappointment, our favoured tequila hole - Flying Burrito Brothers, wouldn't let us grace them with our presence until 2 hours time we ended up in the 'downstairs' area in Tulsi tucking into a good old curry coupled with a few bottles of Allan Scott's finest. We gave Damo an early rendition of Happy Birthday and scored a few free slices of cake for our troubles. After dinner we downed a few wines and mojito's at Mighty Mighty before heading down to Lanes - the hub (seemingly) for 18-21 year olds which was a restaurant, bar and bowling alley all rolled into one too neon lighted, Justin Timberlaked venue. For the record, Hayley kicked all our asses on her way to 121 and a famous victory.

Saturday saw us head into town for a good old pub feed, where we ended up at the Loaded Hog for a disappointing round of 'Hog Burgers'. I found myself having to work in the afternoon so off I went whilst the others headed to Brett's office to play cards whilst he 'studied'. We had dinner at Strawberry Fair and as a result were a few minutes late to our seats for the game. At the end of the game (that the AB's won 61-10), after a bit of car park golf, we all made our way to Establishment for the after party. Whilst most of the others took off home I babysat Sabrina, Jo and Mel in their quest to meet some famous people, to which, when they were found, saw them turn into giggling schoolgirls.....

Sunday found our way to Macas for a BBQ and a few rounds of 'Articulate' until taking Jas to the airport. Back to Al's for more board games which was a good relaxing end to a full on weekend! Time to catch a breath....

On Tuesday night our crowd headed to Hog's Breath to celebrate Damo's birthday before chowing down way too much cake.