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Bianca’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 17 May 2007

Location: Hughenden, Australia

MapHi all,
Sorry its taken me a while to get this webpage working – I have been waiting to collect some pics from the last few weekends so I could post them with this webpage.
Things are going great in Hughenden (aka The Den), I have been keeping real busy and meeting fantastic people. One great thing about being out here is that there are so many more genuine people – the place doesn’t compare to the Goldy but is definatley where Im wanting to be for my first year teaching. I think this was a godsend.

I have a real challenging job because I cop all the attitudes that comes with a relief teacher – I remember my days as a student and I knew it was a bludge day. I cant wait until next term when I get my own class! (ps my class – grade 1/2 is the most well behaved class in the school. I cant wait)
I am really looking forward to teaching the one class on a daily basis – but in the meantime am reflecting on everyday and trying to learn from it. I have had some tough days, and some amazing days – and those amazing days out on the propertys with 7 children that are all so eager and willing to learn make my job so enjoyable. Im sure Il never get to experience life like this again so I am making the most of it.

This weekend I have a friend, Tracy organizing a little get together for my birthday which is great. I came out here thinking I was quiet and introverted, but Hugheden has proved me wrong. I have met a heep of really great people and it does wonders for your self esteem meeting new people, because you get to learn so much about who you are and where you fit in.
Anyway, there is a group of us having cocktails and heading out to the pub. Yes, I still can drink cocktails, get a spray tan and have fake nails in the bush – I just look out of place (but feel great!)

I am going to a mates property in 3 weeks to muster on horseback. I have only ever got on a horse once and fell off, so im looking forward to seeing how this goes! In 2weeks im treating myself and staying in Townsville for the weekend and cant wait to look around at the shops!

Im really enjoying living alone, and have become great mates with my neighbour Kate. She is from Toowomba and we do a lot together and often cook for each other. My love interest at the moment is my adorable but bitey kitten Saba. He come to me at 4 weeks old and wasn’t too well. I have managed to make him better and he is growing up very quickly. He is awesome company and im always dying to come home and see him of a day.

I cant wait to hear how all of you are going, you are all always in my thoughts and I cant wait to see you all again.

Love Bianc xoxo