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Grace’s Travel Diary

Monday, 28 May 2007

Location: Accra, Ghana

Map...the art of bucket showering...

so, it's day 3 in Ghana, and let me just say that it's been very difficult to find internet connection (i think i may even be on dial up). and there are no pictures attached to this journal entry because I can't find the USB port on this computer. other than that my first 3 days in ghana have been great! where do i start? well, i met this very nice ghanian man on the plane (so i thought). he made me take his phone number and made me promise that i call him if i ever got to his town of Tema. he promised me to take me to the botanical gardens - haha. later i found out that many european and u.s. men and women come to ghana to enjoy some time with their native ghanians, and the ghanians go along with this in hopes of a visa back to the europe or the states. i hope this man next to me wasn't thinking that i would actually get him a visa to the states. but, anyway that was my plane ride over.

and of course my first night here, what do we do? we hit up the local bar called duncin's. duncin then decides that he wants to go to "greece". it's called greece because there are these greek columns in the patio of this house. and we take shots of appetiche (local gin). apparently the alcohol gets its bite from rusty nails or centipedes that they leave in the alcohol to ferment. yum.

so, my first shower here is from a bucket. yes- a bucket. i totally forgot how nice it was to have running, hot, water. the first thing i'm going to do when i get home is take a long hot shower. and, yes, i've had to pee in a hole.

but, during my first 3 days i've also spent some time in the other location of Women in Progress, called Krobo. It's this tiny town that's 2 hours north of Accra, and i got to see where the women put together the beaded handicrafts and also got to hang out around the town there.

we'll be heading to my location tomorrow (cape coast), and i hope that there will have better internet connection, so i can upload pictures and stuff. i can't wait until i get to really start the volunteer work because so far it's just felt like vacation. a vacation where you shower from buckets...