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Judy’s Travel Diary

Monday, 28 May 2007

Location: Brisbane, Australia

MapWell, where do we start? We eventually left Brisbane on 28th May after staying longer than we anticipated, and drove to Toowoomba for the first night. We shared spaghetti bolognaise with Mike and Belinda and the kids and tried unsuccessfully to fix another problem with my email.

Next morning we left for our big adventure, we could not count the drive to Toowoomba as the start. We had lunch in a lovely park at Miles and there we parted company with our telephone coverage. Telstra had sold me into a great phone package, they just neglected to advise me that it would not work anywhere outside Brisbane. We finished our drive in Mitchell, lovely caravan park, and just a 200metre walk over the footbridge from the town, and to the natural hot springs. We spent the late afternoon relaxing in the hot pool alternating with a plunge into the cold pool.

The next day we set off in the rain for the long drive to Barcaldine. It was cold, bleak and raining. The road was quite good but we suffered a cracked windscreen when a semi passed us. The crack is on the passengers side and as we watched it crept further out into the windscreen. We have decided to risk not getting the windscreen replaced as we figure that we will receive lots more stones being thrown up at us on the trip. Hopefully, it will not get too much worse. We were cold and so decided to pop into Augathella for a hot lunch, thinking there will be a nice pub or such. There is not much in the town, just one bleak street. We did find though, the only post office in Australia that serves pies and coffee. The baker must only visit every few days, as there were only 3 sausage rolls to be had and the town mechanic beat Mike to them by seconds. Still we had nice toasted sandwiches, and decided that we would not be buying a business here. We have written to Aust post and recommended that they extend this service throughout Australia - some thing to do while you wait in the queues.

Barcaldine is a nice town, we wandered around and visited the Tree of Knowledge and lots of old pubs. The caravan park was nice and had a roast dinner on the night before we arrived and also on the night after we left , and the bush poet who comes in every night to entertain the guests, was away for a few days. At least we had an early night (apart from the road trains which sounded like they took a short cut through the annexe)

Then, on to Longreach, and a visit to the Qantas museum and the 747 and the Hall of Fame. We found a lovely bakery for afternoon tea. Caravan park was ghastly - acres of red gravel, we were pleased that it was not summer

We are now in Winton, lovely caravan park, Mike has just had a swim in the pool, it is quite hot - great for the 1st June. Tonight we are getting the roast dinner, and the bush poet is going to come, so will keep you informed

The bush poet was quite entertaining and we bought a CD and Mike has promised that he will be able to entertain you all at Noosa with a rendition of one of the poems when he returns. We moved on to Mount Isa, and will come back to Winton to see the sights.