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Judy’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 15 Jul 2007

Location: Kakadu, Australia

MapSunday morning we set off to Kakadu - the first few days we are just going to do the Arnhem highway into Kakadu and look at the sights there. Booked into Corroobee Park - complete with pub, crocodiles wild pigs and buffalo. Pretty park and it is just so good to have water on tap, power, and hot showers whenever you feel like it. I don't know if Mike and I will ever be able to get our feet clean again. I now take a kitchen scrubbing brush into the shower with me.

Next morning we looked at the sights, Leaning tree lagoon is just beautiful with the white water lillies, and it is hugh. We then went to the window to the wetland, which gives you history and facts about the wetlands. We then went onto the Fogg Dam Conservation area. This place is amazing, I have never seen bird life like it, flock after flock of birds of all different species were flying in and landing, and then taking off. Jabiru (black necked stork) were there and they are about my favourite bird. I took heaps of photos of them. Also a photo a the red water lily. A great day, and back home for cheripin and crab risotto.

Tuesday, we have to drive into Palmerston to pick up and sign transfer documents, send emails etc, buy new straps to tie down the boat as the ones we have are very noisy and on the way home - the jumping crocodile tour. We went of this with a great deal of sceptism, but it won us. I know all the environmental reasons why they should not do this, but when you see a 5m croc lift itself past its hind legs so easily out of the water you forget all that. There are just so many crocs on the river a female every 75 - 100 metres and they are never fed anymore than once a day and the piece of pork is very small. Photos do not do this justice...

Wednesday we moved into Jabiru actually into Kakadu - we seem to have been going here for ever. In the afternoon we drove out to Ubirr to see the huge rock and all the rock paintings We climbed the rock - mike in thongs, and the views over the wetlands were spectacular. Aboriginal rock art - it is just amazing how old it is.

Today Mike took me on a rough 4WD track to see the Red Lilly billabong (could not find any red ones) and then onto Alligator billabong and then a 40k track out. The track from Alligator billabong was just car tracks through long grass and bush and we had to ford creeks again. fantastic fun.

We then drove onto Nourlangie rock for more rock art and big rocks. The artwork here is just so much clearer and in better condition than at Ubirr, and there were rangers giving talks about the history in some spots. Fantastic..

I then drove over the crossing at cahills crossing over the south alligator river and into Arnhemland - had to turn around straight away as you need a permit to go on. Every where you go there are huge signs warning about crocodiles, anyone who puts a foot in water here is mad - took a photo of the sign to show everyone.