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jak’s Travel Diary

Monday, 04 Jun 2007

Location: Australia

MapHi everyone,
Well we have been up here for 4 weeks today and it seems like 4 months with the number of things happening and the amount we are learning. Lyn and I had our first real weekend off this weekend and went into the big smoke "Boroloola" to do some shopping and more importantly fishing!! Caught my first bara and was I happy. Couldn't get my head into the car for a couple of hours!! Weather is cooling off in the mornings andevening at the moment, but it still gets up to about 32 or 33 during the day. Had a cool Sunday. Only 29! Hope you are coping with the cold and wet in Melbourne. I thin I am getting somewhere with the older kids. They are reading a little better and seem to be enjoying their time with me out of the class. That's all for now. We are heading across to check on the vegies and to plant some of the seedlings put into ontainers a couple of weeks agao.

Cheers John