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Ariella’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 07 Jun 2007

Location: Upper Bhagsu, Dharamsalla, India

Map Yesterday I took a walk to McLoud Ganj with the girl I share a room with- Adi. The walk is a really nice one, and as you get closer to the town you can see many colorful Tibetian flags hanging on the trees and houses. Beautiful sight. The city of McLoud is actually quite noisy, as it stirs with Tibetian monks and nuns, Indian merchants, tourists and pilgrims to the home away from home of His Holiness the Dali Lama. He had just left town a few days ago, so we didn't get a chance to see him, but I got to see him in Israel, so I wasn't too disappointed. We had great sushi at the Japanese restaurant and I also found out that you can volunteer teaching conversational English to Tibetian political refugees, so I might go back to do that in a couple of days. I've been in this incredible little town- Bhagso for 4 days, and there is just so much to do here, I want to stay forever. I started a Reiki course today so now I have Reiki in the morning with Usha and Yoga in the afternoon with Bhooma.Both teachers are really wonderful.I'm loving every minute!!! There is also an extra bonus: Dotan, whom I've known since he used to pick on me in first grade, and Ziv- who I've also known for ages- two dear friends, are both here, so it just makes it extra special. Wow, I'm so lucky!! And there are pictures, too!!