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Ariella’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 11 Aug 2007

Location: rishikesh, India

MapNamaste from Rishikesh!
I've been in town for three days so far, and I find it charming. In many ways it feels like this is my first encounter with "real India". Until now, traveling in the north of the country, I was surrounded by (mostly) Nepalese and Tibetans, and also Kashmirs. Now I am in the land of the Mighty Ganga River, Land of Babas and Sadhus, snake charmers and lepers. But there is a little catching up to do:
About three weeks ago I left Leh, in a Jeep with five other people- Or and Shani, who I had been traveling with from Bhagsu, and three more guys: Mitzafon, Yonash and Sila. We crammed into the "Little Blue Jeep that (usually) Could", and left for the Valley of Spitti and Kinour.
For two weeks we drove and slept along the way, sometimes in nice places, sometimes in road-side eating places called "dabbas" and we even spent two nights in a tent with pashmina-goat shepard in the middle of nowhere. It was a beautiful, interesting journey.
AND THERE ARE PICTURES! -soon I will add more.
Then we arrived in Manali. It was good for me to have some quiet time alone and walk around between the beautiful big Deodar trees and around the area that was green and gorgeous. Got back into shape with some "full-power" yoga and was ready to get on the move again.
The way here was not easy, but it's really good to be in one of the most holiest cities in India. Packed with atmosphere!