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Thursday, 19 Jul 2007

Location: Australia

MapThe story so far...

I've been travelling for four months now and have finally got round to sorting out some travelling photos on this website!

I've spent 3.5 months on planes, trains, buses, boats and bikes in South East Asia, travelling through Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos. The adventures have been plentiful - far too many to recall in this diary entry! But I'd say the overall favourite country was Vietnam, where Ali, Tara, Sal, Laura and I (with a brief appearance from Roger) spent almost a month travelling from north to south. Halong Bay and the Ninh Binh countryside were stunning, and we frequently had to revise our 'top 5 fave meals' as all the food was soooo good. (And you know I like my food!) The odd drinking sesh also took place, with the 'Big Night of Fun' in Nha Trang being a night to remember!

A few other highlights have been Angkor Wat in Cambodia, which in my opinion should have been included in this years updated '7 wonders of the world.' Hong Kong is such a great city, and I've been devising ways in which I could bag myself a good job there (complete with an apartment mid-peak), ever since leaving. Check out the photos to see what else we got up to...

So now I'm in Australia, my new home for the next year. Currently on the east coast with Laura, Sal and the recently acquired 'Ormy' additions - Laura D and Hemo. No doubt they'll be a few adventures to report on in the near future.

I'll make an effort to keep this site updated with photos from now on, so check it out and leave me a message.

Miss you all lots x