LoZ And Roo’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 23 Sep 2007

Location: hollywood, USA

Mapso today is our second day in los angeles. so far so good. we havenyt been killed, had our bags stolen of been robbed. things are looking up!
on our first day we walked over to ralphs (the supermarket) and ther is this guy standing outside with a massive knife tapped to a pole. he may as well had a welcome to L.A sign stuck to him as well. needless to say andrew and i hurried inside and hung out for a bit in the drinks section befor braving it outside again...
we took a stroll down hollywood blvd today and saw all the sights, not that interesting really. i did need to go to the toilet once (this isnt what you think trust me) so i go into this fastfood place and someone is in there, fine i think, so i wait... and wait... and wait by this stage i really think i am about to wet my pants, because i always wait to the last min to go and andrew wasnt helping by poking me! FINALLY i hear the toilet flush and a guy comes out!!! he had not only stunk out the WHOLE place (as in a actually had to hold my breath) and washed his hair in the basin, but, had also used all the paper and blocked the toilet! fan tas tic!! this was my hollywood experience!!!
on the other hand andrew finally got the shirt he always wanted. the govenator!! if you dont get it look at the photos.
tomorrow is our last day in hollywood and we jetset up to san francisco!! woooo so fingers crossed we dont get mugged on the way to the airport...