LoZ And Roo’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 30 Sep 2007

Location: san francisco, USA

Maptoday is our last day in the states. we can't believe that it has been over a month already!
we did alcatraz the other day and yesterday we went dome to market street to watch the love fest parade. it was... different.
i guess the bigger you are the less you wear over here during these events.
During the love fest they actually allow you to jump onto the floats and dance around and just join in anyway you want so it made it all pretty crazy especially soe of the floats we saw!
we walked up and down with a couple of drinks in the beautiful sun and ended up our day with some shopping.
we're both not loking forward to gong home now, we are loving the life of no bills and no plans, just doing as you please seems to work really well with us!
all in all andrew and i are so happy with everything that we've seen and done, some of the things we will always remember and alot of them are things we will want to come back in 5 or so years and see if things have changed.
happy that we have got away with our lives and clothes. (note: not both our passports) and now onto home to bombard everyone with our, 100+ photos of a big hole, also known as the grand canyon, loads more of things that could never be really explained due to us not really understanding or remembering and tons more of us being silly.
ughhh off to work we go...