Jim’s Travel Diary

Friday, 01 Jun 2007

Location: Melbourne, Australia

MapWell after a solid week of looking at the huge variety of budget campervans that melbourne and its great unwashed had to offer we finally made a decision... we are going to rent!!

Cop out I'm sure but hey...

After our fill of cosmopolitan life and all the benefits it has to offer, good food, good company, galleries, museums, strange looking drunk people yelling obsenities in the street we are off on monday along the great ocean road! Word on the street is that it will be a road near the sea that's really rather good!

If you want to drop us a line Jim: +61449195876 or Debs: +61432852527

I hope all you guys are having fun working hard, we will endeavour to think of you as we are relaxing our way round this giant country!!