Jim’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 27 May 2007

Location: Melbourne, Australia

MapCoffee and Cake

So Melbourne, my kind of city! Full of good food and plenty of good coffee. This holiday is great, the biggest decision is deciding where to stop for coffee and cake. Very handily Melbourne has a large selection of coffee and cake shops to facilitate our choosing.

Melbourne is one of our cultural stops. That being the case we have used our time to look at the sights, the great architecture, the national gallery etc and look at the food that, to us, is a veritable cacophony of interesting flavours, smells and tastes. Having said that, Iím sure that when we get home Tesco will dazzle us even further!

Victoria Market was a great sight a classic covered market full of stalls selling fresh seafood, aged meat and old cheese! It had the classic market sellers, yelling strange incomprehensible words to no-one in particular, selling god knows what.

ďA forda-whoda-oneda-sixfa-soda-forda-one-da HooĒ they would yell as we walked past. At least I thought they were market sellers, as the same night we walked down Fitzroy Street in St. Kilda, drunk drug addicts were yelling the same sort of thing and as far as I could tell they werenít selling anything! (Well, if they were I didnít want to buy it from them!)

While thinking about this blog we tried to write down what we did everyday, a kind of blow by blow account, problem is every day contained: got up late, minced around the house, wandered about for a bit, drank coffee (or hot chocolate) and ate cake. Damn I love this holiday!!!

As part of the generic cake eating story, one part bears mention. Acland Street in St. Kilda has some of the best and biggest cakes available anywhere with a choice second to none. They have two gutters in the street, one by the edge of the road and one under the cake shop windows to catch the drool from the passers-by. Debbie, a dribbler at the best of times, kept her mouth shut the whole way down the street! (actual cake eating time excluded from this observation!)

She was good though, only succumbing a couple of times to their baked chocolatey goodness! J.