Jim’s Travel Diary

Friday, 01 Jun 2007

Location: Melbourne - Just, Australia

MapOur Hosts with the Mosts!

We stayed in Melbourne at this gorgeous place overlooking the beach in Brighton, about 20 mins by train south of the city. A big thank you to Charlotte and Craig for putting up with us for so long and making our transition from kiwis to true aussie’s so easy. Let me tell you we won’t be coming the raw prawn with anyone anytime soon. And Debbie says she will leave no Galah unflaming either!!!!

Debbie and I were instrumental in helping Craig convert his already large fish tank into an even larger fish tank that, if Melbourne ever faces another drought, will help keep the western districts in clean drinking water for months!! We will put a picture up of the kick-arse tank when the water clears. Seems soap got in the tank somehow (personally I think it was Debbie trying to clean it!!).

While in the big smoke we went and saw a pop idol reject and I can honestly say that it was an amazing experience, this man had the best hair of any of the pop idol rejects ever!! Debbie thought his singing was good but I was too impressed by his hair to remember properly. J.