Jim’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 02 Jun 2007

Location: Melbourne, Australia

MapLittle Anna

We randomly bumped into Little Anna in Melbourne on our first day just walking down the street so we decided to meet up properly one night for dinner. Dinner was good and as everybody involved enjoyed eating we deciding to go to the Melbourne Good Food and Wine Show. The show was great, you could just walk around this huge exhibition hall eating all day. The problem was they mixed all the stalls up. So you would taste coffee followed by stir fried chicken, then yoghurt closely followed by cheese and olives! Ainsley Harriot, the slightly effeminate, ready steady cook was there but we decided to go see Tobie Puttock instead. He is the aussie version of Jamie Oliver but not as good, we thought he was a bit crap really I think he is a bit too famous for his own cooking! Anyway, good time was had by all even if it did mean we missed the AFL at the MCG. (Glossary to follow) We went home with full bellies, glowing cheeks and bags full of goodies.