Jim’s Travel Diary

Monday, 04 Jun 2007

Location: Australia


Well we picked up the van. We decided to rent because the vans to buy weren’t to our liking (sic. Debbie’s liking). We have a little Mitsubishi Express Campette called Barb Wyre as our home for the next few months. Rented through Wicked! But is recently purchased so hasn’t yet got any crazy graffiti covering it. It’s a 2005 and has only 48,500 kms on the clock so is newer than any car we have ever owned. We drove just down the road to a little town at the start of the Great Ocean Road called Torquay! We arrived at a little campsite and I had my first introduction to the Australian Brushtail Possum. For those of you who don’t know, the pest was introduced into NZ in the 1800’s by some award winner who thought they might be good for hunting. Now there are 60,000,000+ of them causing unimaginable damage. Thing is in Oz, they are a protected species.
So there I am wandering around the van and this possum is sniffing around my feet (apparently they smell good in possum world) and I have this love/hate quandary thing happening. On one hand my Kiwi nature makes me want to kick the thing, grab it by the tail and swing it into a tree on the other its like the Australian national rodent or something so I look around for moral support but nothing is forthcoming. (Debbie is in the toilet block trying to dry the mattress under a hot air hand dryer – lets just say she had a little accident!!!)
So I decide when in Rome do as the Romans do, Jim Davis - friend of possum.

And then I walk around the van and another bloody possum has stolen my avocado and is eating it under the van.

I hate possums again……..

First night in the van ……..we go out for dinner!