Jim’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 02 Jun 2007

Location: Melbourne, Australia

MapJust a few steps back before we head forward. Having been a bit slack with emails over the last feqw months i realise that we haven't brought everyone up to date with whats going on so here's a bit of background for some, for those already in the know skip to the next entry.

Jim and I have left New Zeaqland and are on our way back to England. The time has come to set down some roots and we (well I) have decided that it's best to do that back in the family hub of good old blighty (and jim is being dragged along kicking and screaming!)

So we quit our jobs sold off as much as we could and packed the rest off on a ship to return to the mother land. We have a couple of not very small bags packed and are setting of on a 3 month tour of Australia on the the way home to help ease the transition. Our rough route takes us from Melbourne, along the Great Ocean Road to Adelaide. Up through the centre past Uluru to Darwin and down the West coast flying out of Perth! A fair distance in a little camper but much fun to be had on the way.

Well thats it up to date. Keep watching the rest of the entries to keep pace with our travels. Don't forget to send us some comments and say hi when you come on line!