Jim’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 16 Jun 2007

Location: Adelaide, Australia

MapBeautiful Adelaide

Right time for another batch of updates, we left Maclaren Vale and took a leisurely drive along the coast past heaps of beautiful beaches and bays to the City of Adelaide. Back in civilisation we took the opportunity to wander around the shops not really looking for much just killing time before we met up with some friends who we were going to stay with when in Adelaide.

After meeting them in the great central markets and walking around looking at all the vast array of produce available (a jar of pickled tongue was available if thatís your thing!)
We headed back to stay a night in a proper bed inside a building with flushing toilets and everything, guests of people I overburdened last time I was in Oz and was looking forward to doing again!

The next day we had a very cultural day after spending the morning strolling through the art gallery we headed to the botanical gardens to check out some rare plants (the wollemni pine!!) After a nice lunch we went back to the van to collect the parking ticket some lovely traffic warden has decided to affix to our windshield, surely the highlight of the day!