Jim’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 17 Jun 2007

Location: Adelaide, Australia

MapWhat Debbie and JFK have in common!

The next day we headed back down to Maclaren Vale as when we were getting coffee in one of the cafes, we spotted a poster for a home cheese making course! We enquired and were told about the four month waitlist but they had just had some cancellations so we jumped at the opportunity and here we were back in the vale ready to get up to our elbow in cheese.

I wont bore you with the details but basically you take warm milk, add fungus and let it do its thing, add rennet (cows stomach, but ours was veggie!) wait, slice the curds, wait put it in a pot and squash it. And that’s cheese!! Doesn’t matter what it is parmesan to pecorino, chevre to port salut, stilton to gouda, cheddar to camembert its all the same just minor tweaks here and there! So by the end of the day we had made camembert, feta and ricotta. The ricotta you can eat immediately, the feta two days later and the camembert after five weeks and that’s cheese! Was a great experience and the ricotta and feta were great we have already eaten those. So you can all expect me to make you fresh cheese when we get home, by fresh I mean old cheese really!

So getting back to how Debs is like JFK. They were both victims of a country’s colloquialisms. That night when regaling our friends, The Swifts (makes them sound like superheroes!), with the exploits of the day, Debbie was saying how she was congratulated with slicing the curds up very consistently. Her minor syntax error was to refer to the curds as cheese.
“I was the best at cutting cheese!” she commented
“Err, you do know what that means in Oz” John replied
Seems ‘cutting cheese’ means to fart, to pass wind, to get attacked by those pesky barking spiders that creep up on you from behind.
So it seems in both ways Debbie was probably correct.
We weren’t sure which way she meant it and we may never know!
For those of you who don’t know JFK went to Germany, Berlin at this point, got a bit excited whilst doing a speech and said “ Ich bin eine Berliner” which basically means “I am a jam donut” rather than “I am a Berlin-er”.
Historians have been unable to determine which way she meant it and we may never know!