Jim’s Travel Diary

Monday, 18 Jun 2007

Location: Adelaide, Australia

MapThe German quarter!

Back in Adelaide we decided to head up into the hills nearby to the beautiful town of Hahndorf, which as you may gather from the name was settled by Germans back in the 1800’s. It was a great little town full of bakeries, selling the afore mentioned Berliners and Stollen (sorry if the spelling is wrong Grandpa). Obviously we had to try a few more of the fabulous wineries nearby. Unfortunately, already a bit over hungry for lunch, we went to this great place with a tasting list of about 20 wine and an over zealous pourer giving us nearly half a glass each try. Every time we tried to say we would skip one he wouldn’t let us! Unsurprisingly we came away with a bit of wines and a giddy drive to the lunch stop! After lunch we stocked up on Bratwurst, cakes, pickles and jam and headed back to Adelaide.

The following days were spent collecting our Feta (which tastes very good), touring the local chocolate factory (which gave you heaps more tastings than Cadbury and it was free) and stocking up for the route ahead. We had realised while we were in Adelaide that we have covered a fifth of our planned distance in a third of our allotted time. So it was time to get back in the van, to be honest I had missed it a little bit, and start driving. The long way up the centre, our excitement growing as we really start the adventure and the weather is only going to get hotter from here!