Jim’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 24 Jun 2007

Location: Uluru, Australia

MapEarly mornings in the desert!

We woke to see Uluru change colour in the morning too, more pics and then on to the Olgaís. These are like lots of smaller Uluruís but with steeper sides and in many ways more impressive than the big one. A great little hike through the valleys followed by a particularly persistent band of flies meant we were done quite early so we headed off to kings canyon, another amazing area in this region. Entertainment was put on at this campground so we went for a beer and sing-a-long with a few old codgers and some families before heading back to the van. It was late, almost 9pm, and we hadnít even had a cup of tea and the excitement was going to our heads. We felt like a couple of youngsters again, footloose and fancy free, so we brewed up some tea and read our books for a while to calm ourselves back down!