Jim’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 27 Jun 2007

Location: Alice Springs, Australia

MapThe Alice

Ok, so after our night of hilarity and mirth we got up early nursing our 1 beer hangover, and made our way to King Canyon (australia’s grand canyon!). Did a great little walk there, lots of good pics, a beautiful swimming hole (freezing water so for us it was just a hole!) before heading back to the car park for a much deserved coffee and chicken pie! It was then back in the car for the ridiculously long drive to Alice Springs.

For those of you who don’t know, and those of you who do can hear it again, everyone seems to think that Alice Springs and Uluru are just round the corner from each other. There are in the sense that Devon is just round the corner from London! It’s a whopping 4.5 hr drive so even if you take the easy way out and fly to Alice you are still a bit of a drive to get to the worlds second biggest monolith!

We arrived in Alice dazzled by the lights of the big city after a week of desolation! We treated ourselves to a meal out! Pizza in a packed little restaurant, Jim wanted to go to the place serving platters of Camel, Emu, Barramundi, Buffalo, Shark and Roo but the pricey petrol had blown our budget too much so the accountant overruled me!

We intended to spend the next day sightseeing, but the absence of sight stymied our plans somewhat. Onwards and upwards…..