Jim’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 28 Jun 2007

Location: Banka banka, Australia

MapBanka Banka

Un-enticed by the delights of Tennant Creek and wanting to get miles under our belt after the Devilís Marbles we drove to an old cattle station called Banka Banka. We expected a rural idyll, the LP mentioned a waterhole and a slideshow and a nice homestead, problem was everyone else had heard of it also, so when we arrived it was a little busy, but a great little spot! There was a slide show in the evening to explain about station life (3,000,000 acres, about the size of Bermuda!!) Highlights were the photo of the jackerooís eating bush oysters (ask if you donít know what they are!!) and people afterwards trying to use divining rods to find water on the campsite (the fools!). It seems the two bits of wood/metal pick up vibrations from the water through 20 metres of dirt!! (yes of course they do!)