Jim’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 01 Jul 2007

Location: Darwin, Australia

MapTerritory Day

We arrived in Darwin luckily on Territory day! Basically celebrating the state (for just existing I guess). We headed straight to the well recommended Mindil Beach Market which had barely opened but was already buzzing with people. We spent most of the evening sampling the fantastic fare and watching the sunset on the beach. Fireworks are a popular event on Territory Day and they started before it even got dark!?!? The proper organised ones were amazing but regular people must have spent hundreds of dollars on their own which kept going and going and going until we actually got bored of them!!! (Who even knew that could happen?)

We saw an amazing live fire circus act by a family which wasnít hampered too much by the guy dropping his 7 year old son from his shoulders at the start (itís ok he was fine). After fighting the crowds and the road rage (a strange sensation after the outback when everyone you drive past waves at you) trying to get out we headed back to our site with full bellies and tired bodies.