Jim’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 03 Jul 2007

Location: Kakadu, Australia


We had booked a 3 day/2 night camping tour to discover the delights of Kakadu National Park. Itís about 3hrs south east of Darwin and has lots of 4WD tracks. As much as we love the Campette we didnít think she was up to the job (and we were right). We had ďtreatedĒ ourselves to a night in a hostel the night before as we had to be ready to leave by 6.30am! But it was a pretty crappy hostel, it made the campette feel luxurious so that was a shame but unperturbed we packed a very small amount of our belongings and were kind of ready to go at 6.30ish (itís been so long weíre not used to drumming to someone elseís beat). We chose a small group wilderness tour and so there were just 9 of us in our tour and it was amazing.

The first day was pretty relaxed, a river cruise, strolling around some really old aboriginal rock art (up to 8000 years old) and then a climb to view a great sunset. Camp that night was at Sandy Billabong, close to a croc filled lake! They were salties, the ones to be afraid of, but our guide, Grady, was pretty strict about where we could go and frankly I wasnít going to argue. We spent the night in Swags (basically a big sleeping bag made out of wax canvas with a built in mattress. It was pretty much a full moon and a great starry night. On waking in the morning I counted all the heads to make sure no one had been taken by a croc in the night but the only victim of a bite was me, mosquitoes everywhere. All over my shoulders, arms, bum ( donít know how they got there!) and face. How they got in the swag I donít know but I looked like a spotty teenager for the next 5 days so that was just brilliant!