Jim’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 04 Jul 2007

Location: kakadu, Australia

MapSo good they named it twice!!

Luckily we had a pretty fit group (and thankfully I wasnít the slowest) so we had a full-on day the next day. We climbed and climbed and climbed over rocks and boulders, up cracks and crevices. Very hot very tiring but well worth the amazing view and rewarded after the descent by a nice swim in the forest pools. Lunchtime. Then the same again. Not content with showing us the spectacular Jim Jim Falls from below we had to climb the 120m to the top. It was a 30˚c+ day and luckily I was still wearing my bathers because 5 mins into it I was swimming in my own sweat. After about 90 mins of this we reached the top of the falls and an amazing secluded pool that hardly anyone else knows about. We had a quick peek over the edge (very quick in my case) at all the tiny people below and then went for a well deserved swim. At this height there were no crocs (seems crocs arenít very good at rock climbing!) and I prefer not to think of the other fishes about. That nightís camp was less remote and after 2 days of filth and sweat had much welcomed flushing toilets and showers! I took the chickenís way out and opted for a mosquito free tent but who could tell, I had so many bites I wouldnít know if I got any more.

The third day was positively laid back after that. Some culture and lunch at Maguk Falls (only 30 mins of hiking). We pretty much climbed up the small waterfalls from pool to pool and with each new level came a warmer and warmer pool. ( Iím pretty sure Grady wasnít peeing on the way up to create this effect) At the top was a depression in the rock where we all lay like a load of seals and basked in the sun. The perfect end to the perfect trip.

Unfortunately we were booked into the same crappy hostel the night we got back but after a thorough clean we headed straight back out for a few beers with our group so it wasnít so bad.