Jim’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 08 Jul 2007

Location: Kununurra, Australia

MapBack on the road again.

After a few chores in Darwin we got backed in the van (we do miss her when we are away) and headed to Litchfield National Park (about an hour south of Darwin). Much of the same but easier access. Gentle walks and therefore slightly more crowded waterfalls and pools but just as lovely and refreshing. We discovered that we had left about 5 items in the hostel and of course they had mysteriously disappeared when we rang up to enquire, so we have vowed to remain in the van for the rest of the holiday. At least then everything stays where it should be. We saw our guide, Grady, at Litchfield. Who after only 1 day off was back on a trip again this time for 5 days covering much more ground. Donít know how they do it, I was knackered.

After a brief stop over in Katherine we headed to Western Australia. We had heard all about what food you can and canít take in so we had had honey on toast for breakfast everyday for a week and chopped peeled and sliced the veges just as requested. When we get to the border the guard politely stated that the rules had changed and he had to take everything of us!! The little bugger, all that effort for nothing. No wonder the shelves in the supermarket in Kunnunurra (the next biggest town) were empty.

Pirates of the Caribbean 3 was playing at the drive-in that night (just one showing a week). So we made up some pizza for dinner, wrapped it up and took it to the cinema. We had our own wine and chocolate so decided to forgo the sachets of popcorn they were cooking for people in the microwave! We got out the deckchairs and watched the shooting stars till the movie started! And then again half way through as the projector had a little fit!
As we crossed the border the guard told us of the time difference, 1.5 hours from NT! This makes a lot more sense as about 1,000Kms west is the coast and the vast majority of people live over there. Unfortunately it means that here in Kunnunurra the sun sets about 5pm and rises about 5.30am which only compounds our already sun influenced sleep patterns and now it feels like bedtime at 6 oíclock!