Jim’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 18 Jul 2007

Location: Broome, Australia

MapHello All.

Sorry we have been out of touch in a while. We've finally arrived in Broome (info on our route here to come, oops left if behind when i came to the internet cafe). It is soo lovely and Oz's favourite holiday destination so we decided to have a little holiday within a holiday ourselves. We're staying here in a campsite near the beach and generally just lazing around. It's pretty busy here but Jim prefers the clothes optional side of the beach which is a little less crowded but unfortunately the view isn't as good!! It's super hot about 29 degrees celsius most of the time. Almost a little too hot for little old me in the middle of the day so we tend to seek some shade and take a siesta after lunch.

You finally get to hear from me for a change as Jim is studying hard. He has a essay due for his philosophy degree in about 7 hours and has pretty much just started it. He insists that he doesn't leave things to the last minute but that doesn't explain why I have to amuse myself for the afternoon while he crams to get it done! Having spent 2 months in each others pockets though it's not such a bad thing to have some time apart and I'm using it well.... yes I'm going shopping, with his money!

So bye for now.