Jim’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 18 Jul 2007

Location: Australia

MapLake Argyle

After spending our day in Kununurra stocking up on lovely fresh food straight from the farm and trying the Kimberleyís only Rum producer, we headed out to Lake Argyle for a tour. Itís the biggest man made lake in Oz, and we had luckily timed our tour to coincide with the grey posse! We spent the morning cruising the lake with them, Lake Argyle was pretty impressive not very deep but huge. Enough water to supply all the farms in the Kimberley with water for three years even if they donít get another drop of rain. About 21 times the volume of Sydney harbour!

From there we drove back through Kununurra and on to Wyndham. Nice lookout with five major river systems in view but pretty dull apart from that (and the bakery!). We didnít stay long and headed straight to Turkey Creek, our gateway to the Bungle Bungles!