Jim’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 19 Jul 2007

Location: Australia

MapProfessional bunglers!

We arrived at Turkey Creek to set up camp for a couple of nights, the following day we were heading into the Bungle Bungle National Park for a 10 hour day walking and exploring. Later that evening we were joined in our camping exploits by another couple, a rather curvy girl and her man who we guessed were joining us on the tour the next day. Obviously, she arrived wearing her driving clothes, a very short skirt and tight top. When we awoke at stupid o’clock the next morning (4.45am!!!), we got ready for the tour and jumped on the bus with the young lady nowhere to be seen. After a quick dash by her man she arrived at the bus in the same miniskirt and tight top, and spent the next ½ hour complaining that she only needed another 3 minutes to finish her make up and put on her lippy and that he shouldn’t have rushed her! Luckily the lack of lip adornment didn’t unduly prevent her or us from enjoying the day’s activity!

The Bungle Bungles are an amazing collection of eroded banded sandstone lumps. They have this amazing structure, see the pictures as they are hard to explain, but for those that want to know, the red bands are clay poor, the black bands are clay rich. The cyanobacteria can only live in the clay rich bands as they hold water for longer and allow the bacteria to survive and produce the colour. Clay-poor is like a drought for the bacteria! We did a couple of beautiful walks into two of the most picturesque chasms and all tried to snooze on the way back as it was a pretty long day and we both needed our beauty sleep!