Jim’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 22 Jul 2007

Location: Australia

MapOn the Road Again….

So as much as we enjoyed relaxing and sunbathing in Broome (and we really enjoyed it!) it was time to get moving again and with each stop we are gradually managing to reduce what we leave behind. This time it was only the washing up liquid and it is amazing how long you can go just borrowing off your next door camper. We might not bother replacing it!

The next place we were aiming for was Karajini National Park. It is 1000kms+ from Broome so we decided to break the journey at a beautiful little campsite at 80 mile beach. A popular spot for fisherman the brochure said and it wasn’t kidding. We found our site and quickly nipped over the sand dunes for a stroll on the beach. Every metre for as far as the eye could see were fishermen (and women) casting off into the surf (literally you couldn’t see a stretch of beach fishermanless and we could see a along way!) and yet in our admittedly short 15ish minute stroll we didn’t see anyone catch anything!