Jim’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 24 Jul 2007

Location: Australia

MapKarajini National Park

We stayed 2 nights in these beautiful surroundings, the second night was a “luxurious” campsite with flushing toilets and a shower! We spent the first day investigating the beautiful Dales Gorge, we did the usual; walks and watering holes. Jim went for an early morning dip in fern pool and had his toes nibbled (by the fish not Debbie).
We finished early luckily because that afternoon it rained!!! Only for about an hour but this is supposed to be the dry season, it isn’t supposed to rain until November! The Dales Gorge is easiest to get to so it was busy and there were lots of families around and for some reason they only choose to seal to road to that gorge. We went to the Weano Gorge the next day. Along a 4WD track (something we aren’t supposed to do in a rental van) and through a ford! (something we definitely aren’t supposed to do). We made it safely through (thanks in part to jims superlative driving skills)(as the Visitor Centre lady had assured us we would) and didn’t really worry about it until we met some people who had abandoned there vehicles and hitched in, coupled with about 5 attempts to actually get the van into reverse gear on our return journey.

The walks were amazing though. As you can imagine Jim insisted we do the hardest walks and it was well worth it. The walk to Kermit’s Pool was hard, lots of edging and bridging along rock shelves and through gulley’s, but it was well worth it. We didn’t see anyone until we were half way back which was good because Jim enjoyed a dip in the very cold pool at the end and if they were faster they’re may have been some embarrassing faces all round (well the water was very cold!). Someone had to stay dry to take the photos for evidence!

As always the national parks are beautiful in their remoteness but it is nice to get back to a campsite (and smooth roads!) and have a shower and cold food from the fridge!

On a separate note we realised tonight that we still have a piece of cheese that we bought in Adelaide over a month ago and its still fine!!!