Jim’s Travel Diary

Friday, 10 Aug 2007

Location: Australia

MapHeading South

So after enjoying a few warm but windy days in Coral Bay still trying to get a tan and scaring all the fish away with the pretty much still translucent skin it was time to get back in the van and do the most dreaded leg of the journey. South into the cold!! A short stop at the quiet Hamelin Pool to look at the Stramatolites…..enter Jim’s scientific explanation here….then we hit Kalbarri. It sounds awful to say it but another lovely National Park with beautiful gorges (It’s hard to believe that you can almost feel like you have seen enough already). The best thing there really was dinner. This “restaurant” started life as a Ice packing warehouse, then moved onto be a fish exporters. Forced to close in the 80’s from a pilot strike they decided instead of shipping the fish to the punters they would bring the punters to the fish. Hardly done up from the original building they merely added a few BBQ hotplates and some mismatched wooden and plastic chairs. Serving whole fish with a side of chips (and randomly stir fry rice and veg?!) Jim and I gamely ordered 1 each (they were cheap as) and a side salad (trying to be good). Big mistake. We tucked into 1 and barely made a dint in the other and the salad just wilted on the plate! There must have been about 100 people there and there was room for 4 times that. These guys must make a mint on a busy night. The short walk back to the van attempted to alleviate some of the food but we were still full the next day.