Jim’s Travel Diary

Monday, 20 Aug 2007

Location: Australia


Unloading the van was a bit of a mission I have to admit. All of you will know that we (well I) am quite good at accumulating stuff. And stuff we accumulated! Luckily the hostel room was uncharacteristically huge so we had plenty of space, and as luck would have it that very evening we met a couple who were hiring an identical van to ours doing pretty much the reverse journey that we had done. We very generously let them have all our superfluous stuff (for a small fee) and were subsequently back to the small(ish) amount of gear that we arrived with. I like Perth. But itís a strange city where the suburbs seem to be more popular than the actual centre. Luckily we met up with Jimís second cousin a local lady who took us out to 1 such suburb for a lovely lunch one day. We also met up with a guy we met on the Kakadu trip for a few drinks. Another night we even went to the opera, preceded by a lovely dinner (belated birthday celebration for me seeing as we were in the back of beyond on the actual day). So since we hit the bright lights we have actually been social butterflies. None of the 9pm lights out we had developed in the van and weíve even been able to sleep past 8am some mornings! There is hope for us yet, we are still young at heart.

So here we are. Our last night in Perth, Australia and the Southern Hemisphere. Iíve finished my book and packed my bags already and now Iím twiddling my thumbs. Jim is trying to pack and finish his most recent essay due any day now but still insists he doesnít leave everything until the last minute!

So thatís just about all folks. We have a couple of days in Singapore en route home but frankly I donít think they are going to be entertaining enough to write home about. Iím sure we have some more photos to upload and we will get them on as soon as possible but we took less and less as we headed south and the scenery became less interesting. So I guess this is bye for now.

Try and keep in touch, all be it sporadically like myself, and you never know when we will meet again, for some it will be sooner than others.

All those in New Zealand will be thoroughly missed and thanks for making our time there so enjoyable. All those in England we look forward to seeing you all very soon.