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Cam & Suz’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 20 Jan 2005

Location: Morelia-Patzcuaro-Guanajuato, Mexico

MapWe left Mexico City on a very comfortable (expensive) bus. We felt like we should have been wearing much better clothes and be twice our age to be travelling on such luxury, none the less a 4 1/2 hr journey took 7 hours - thats Mexico for you!!
We found our first hotel in Morelia "very basic" as described by the travel guide. Quite an overstatement but with our packs feeling heavy we decided to shell out the 80 pesos. Included in this price was an unusable bathroom and filthy bed (ouch) in which the roof tiles fell off in the middle of the night!
From Morelia we went to a quaint town called Patzcuaro. All the buildings are painted brown and white. Although the streets are very narrow, everyone drives those massive Ford 2500 utes with the music blaring! We had our best meal yet at the markets for a grand total of $4.50 for two. Still haven´t found a campsite to use all the camping gear that we´ve been lugging around.
Next.. Guanajuato, the highlight so far. This town is trully one of the most beautiful we´ve ever seen. It looks very similar to the Amalfi Coast. There are massive 300-400 year old colourful buildings everywhere with narrow cobbled walkways. It is set in a deep valley with lots of underground roads like a rabbit warren. We ended up staying in someones home by accident on their 4th storey roof overlooking the city. Today we walked up a massive mountain that overlooks all the area.