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Cam & Suz’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 29 Jan 2005

Location: Oaxaca - Mazunte, Mexico

MapIn Guanajuato, our host had a rule that only spanish is spoken at meal times. Our breakfasts with her were fairly quiet as we searched our phrase books or stared blankly while trying to pick up a word we recognised.
We moved on to San Miguel De Allende - a cute place, but we decided to keep moving and catch an overnight bus back to Mexico DF. After 4 1/2 hours travelling, 5 hours of waiting and another 7 1/2 hour bus ride, we arrived in Oaxaca very weary. Found a hostel that was recommended to us and cooked up a storm of pasta and veges - no mexican salsa tonight! We learnt a good lesson in Oaxaca - ALWAYS ask the price before eating. Its very annoying when you know they are charging you triple the price that was just charged to the locals!
We are now feeling extremely relaxed after 6 days in Mazunte. This is the most chilled out little haven that one could imagine. We even noticed that we are walking slower! There´s not a lot that happens here except to swim in the ocean, relax, read in a hammock or sip cervesas (beers) for $1. We met up with Braze and Byrd here and made sure we celebrated Australia Day with a few coronas.
The sun rises and sets over the ocean and we are perched on a hill with the most magnificent view. Our beds are simply suspended with mosquito nets around them and life here could just pass you by.
Cam has had a serious case of "Montezumas Revenge" (trots) the past 2 days. Hopefully will get over it before tonights 13 hour bus journey to San Cristobal de las Casas. To gain some respect from the locals Cam now has grown the cheesy moustache, so we shouldn´t get ripped off as much.
Its great sitting at the cafes on the beach listening to all the accents.... have only met 2 Aussies on the trip so far and that was in L.A. airport. We are really looking forward to our much needed spanish lessons in Guatemala. Mexico has been a real ´surprise´packet to us. Mexicans sure are laid back. Never in a hurry to do anything, but that suits us fine as we are just enjoying it all!