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Cam & Suz’s Travel Diary

Friday, 05 Aug 2005

Location: Brazil

MapFrom our salt flats tour we arrived in San Perdro de Atacama, Chile. The Atacama desert is the driest desert in the world and is where NASA do their testing, and surprisingly has a very interesting landscape and is incredibly beautiful on sunset. We had mistakenly thought our spanish had improved over the 6 months of travelling.... Chile, however was a whole new ball game. We found ourselves saying the words ¨no comprendo¨(I dont understand) much more again. We skipped much of northern Chile and headed straight to Santiago. A very boring 4 days was spent there waiting for our Brazilian visas. Santiaga is much more developed, as is the whole of Chile, and for us didnt have a whole lot to offer - not a lot of character or identity. So we were pleased to leave to head south to Bariloche in Argentina for skiing steaks and chocolate. Bariloche is in the Lakes District which has over 300 lakes and is very beautiful. The ski fields of Catedral is picturesque. We absolutely loved the famous Argentinian beef and the chocolate of Bariloche. The chocolate shops are as big as supermarkets and line the streets. Cam is looking forward to returning to Argentina (not just because of the women) without bronchitis and with his apetite back. We had a relaxing time there and a small celebration for Cams 30th and then were very excited about hitting the sun, surf and fiestas of Brazil.
After about 40 hours of travelling we arrived in Salvador on the Brazilian coast. Its so nice to be wearing flip flops and singlet tops again after the cold weather of the mountains. This place is everything you imagine Brazil to be...dancing and music here are as integral as eating and sleeping and the country has as many musical styles as there are shades of people. Brazilians are open and friendly with lots of attitude, energy and passion.
Every Tuesday night there is a huge street party which rivals Sydneys NYE (in energy not people). We danced along the streets behind a drumming band along with thousands of others like the pied piper. And the Afro-americans.... with their amazing bodies and ¨kahlua man¨dance moves, were mesmerizing to watch.
We are already adjusting our itinery to give us more time here as its such a cool country.