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Cam & Suz’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 24 Sep 2005

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

MapImagine a city that has the same population as Australia.... Sao Paulo with 20 million people is the 3rd largest city in the world. We only stopped long enough to freshen up and avoid yet another valiant attempt by someone trying to scam us (another story...) While there we stumbled across a big posse of black Africans belowing out rap tunes. We cautiously wandered in closer to the circle of swaying bodies and found ourselves caught up in the incredible atmosphere. The attitude was high and the base deep and no one paid much attention to the only two white Aussies moving to the beats. Very cool! It reminded us of a gangster movie from Harlem.
A trip inland to the Pantanal, the low lying Amazon, was our next stop in which we had to temporarily ignore our distaste of organised tours. 4 days 'deep' in the Pantanal with its abundance of wildlife and camping in the wild. We rode in the back of the farmers truck for 3 long and very dusty hours to arrive at our camp. We swam and touched aligators, caught an anaconda and fished for piranhas. Cam even bravely 'got back on the horse' after his crazy horse experience in Colombia.
We moved onto the Iguazu Falls which are on the border of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. Wow, these are amazing. The power and stupendous roar of the falls are truly awesome. We´ll let the photos tell the rest...
Sadly we said goodbye to Brazil, the fruits, the music and the incredibly hospitable people and (thankfully) entered the spanish speaking countries again in Uruguay. We stayed with a friend in a lazy beach town for a few days and enjoyed some German and Chilean hospitality.
As we approach our last few days in South America, we´ve been eating ourselves silly on the steaks and other great food in Beunos Aires. This city of 13 million is a very cosmopolitan city with leafy parks and European architecture. The crash of their peso from 1:1 with the USD to now being 3:1, it is a backpackers dream with high quality at bargain prices. We have had fantastic hosts here. our friends Geronimo and Mykaela have put up with our bad spanish. Thanks so much for your generosity, its been "berry berry" good!! We can´t wait for the futbol match tomorrow where we will be in the crowd with the man himself - Maradona.
We bid Adios to South America on Tuesday bound for the crazy snake charmers of Morocco.