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Claire’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 05 Jun 2007

Location: USA

MapHi guys,

I thought I should let you know how i got on in NYC, firstly i loved it it's just as it seems on tv and films and its great fun. i loved times square, i've never seen so many big lights and about 3 mcdonald's all of which looked nice (although i resisted).

we stayed in chelsea which was a really nice area, lots of places to eat and just had a nice atmosphere about the place, and really quite close to lots of the big attractions. I'm rather tired at the moment cause i got up 5am new york time and now i'm in LA which is 3 hours behind and it's all rather confusing really.

we did the usual things in new york, went to see the statue of liberty on the statan island ferry, she's big and green, although not as big as i'd expected but that might just be due to the fact that we were quite far away... we did an open top bus tour which was good, got to see some different parts of the city all of which you miss out on when you're on the subway. although it did decide to rain one day so we got to wear some rather fetching yellow ponchos, true tourist style!!! we went up the rockafella centre (it's almost as high as the empire state building but without the massive 3 hour long ques) and had a wander round central park, did a bit of shopping, although i was very well behaved and didn't buy anything, purely window shopping for me!

we also went ot a couple of comedy gigs, the first one all seemed very fancy, they took you to your seats (ours being right at the front and centre!) and was all very nice, not quite like the stand at home!! was really good though and the comedians weren't mean to us just quite chatty really so that was nice. We went to another comedy gig the next night and it was much more like the comdey clubs at home, very dark and slightly dirty looking, also good fun but a lot more new yoiker jokes that i think we may have not quite got coming from so far afeild. We also went to see a broadway show, so very highly exciting! we went to see Avenue Q, which is very funny. it's slightly odd cause some of the characters are puppets but are being held by people who are doing their singing and talking but once you get used to that it was great, was very funny and very different from any other musical i'd seen, set in modern day new york and not really about anything much at all, just the lives of some people, some puppets and some monsters who live on avenue q.

So that was about our time in new york, it was great and largely very hot (and of course us being scots we complained about the heat then it got a bit colder and wet and we compalined about that too :o) i'm now in LA and can't see the sky for the overcastness of it all, but i think it looks like it might be a bit nicer tomorrow, if not it's still warm and it means i'm less likely to burn if there's no sun. my main issue at the moment is that i can't seem to be able to unlock my room, someone helped me earlier but that's not going to help when i need back in... oh well.

I left ali in new york far too early this morning to fly over to LA, turned out to be quite a good flight despite the TV not working for our bit of the plane and it being a domestic flight so no food (despite it being 6 hours). not really sure what i'll get up to here, i've got some leaflets i'll take a wee look through and see what happens.

hope all's well with you, there's been a few bits of sad news from home in the past week so i'm very much thinking of you all.

keep me updated with all you're doing,
Love Claire xx