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Claire’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 06 Jun 2007

Location: USA

MapSome strange things i've noticed in the Good old US of A;

They are utterly and totally obsessed with TV, here if you go to a comdey club the comedians on the bill will have wee things saying 'sold out edinburgh festival 2005' or 'sold out big theatre in london (at the moment drawing a blank of any theatre names)' but here it's like, been on tv 3 times, been on tv 5 times and one club won't even let people on unless they've been on tv more than 5 times.

When we went into toys 'r' us they took a photo of us that you can later purchase for about $15, why would you ever want a photo of you walking into a shop, to be fair it is a pretty exciting shop but still!!

they have homeless people here like the ones in films, all tanned with long white beards dragging around more stuff than i've ever owned in shopping trolley's or other means of dragging stuff all shouting about beer and the like. and one even shouted 'Welcome to Hollywood' yesterday ala Pretty Woman.

Everyone has a tiny dog! EVERYONE, here and in New York. i walked past this huge guy yesterday and he had a dog smaller than my foot!

So many people stop you on the street trying to get you to listen to their music, i'm no record producer what could i do....

And many many other weird things, everyone's odd here, many more people arguing with themselves and trees too, sometimes those damn trees just get in your way!

Well apart from people watching what else have i done here... lots of wandering about, walked along the beach to santa monica yesterday, lovely long walk along the beach. it's great they have a walk way for people and a mini road for bikes, a line down the middle and a no pedestrians sign, although people on roller blades go on both paths.

I've been on a tour of LA, which was good they took us round the stars homes, i forget whose most of them were but i have photos, lovely big houses in Beverly Hills and Bel Air, saw the house from the fresh prince of bel air. walked down rodeo drive, saw the hotel from Pretty woman and the place at the end where he walks up to 'rescue' julia roberts, all highly exciting and disapointing in equal messures, regardless i have many many photos! the computer here wont' let me connect my camera so can't add them yet.

also saw the walk of fame and all the hand prints and stuff, i missed seeing brad, george and matt by one day, they had the premier for oceans 13 the other day, argh oh well. although did end up seeing some of the end of a red carpet event last night, met up with my friend christine who i met in new zealand and we went for a manicure (in LA must pamper!) then wandered around the walk of fame and kodak theater (where they have the oscars) and there was a red carpet out in the kodak theater cause al pacino was doing a book signing or launch or something so we saw lots of well dressed people walking out along the red carpet but no al, did get a free copy of the book though so not too bad! and saw a man that may or may not have been rufus from bill and ted, so that's almost maybe a famous person!!!

Hope all's well with you all,
Lots of love