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Claire’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 12 Jun 2007

Location: Nadi, Fiji

MapI'd just like to say that LAX is the worst airport in the world!!! well out of my not so vast experience it is. i went to check in for my flight last night (or actually about three nights ago but i'm dead confused due to crossing the international date line) and firstly there were far too many people in one place and bizarrely everyone boarding the flight on Philapines air or whatever it was had at least two HUGE boxes with them, who knows what they contained... the one guy with huge boxes coming to fiji had a massive coolbox full of flip flops. then they make you take your bag to the screening thing rather than employing someone to do it as they do in every other airport in the world which means you can watch them completely ignore the wee screen that's xraying your bag. then there's just about no shops on the other side of security, all rather dull. oh well sorry wee rant over but i was genuinely surprised it being such a big airport. complete contrast when we arrived in Nadi at 5.10 this morning we were greeted by 4 wee men singing to us!

So yeah i'm now in fiji, it's really lovely and hot and sunny although today i'm hiding from the sun after very stuipily burning my legs sitting on a not so sunny venice beach in LA yesterday (or again the last day i had but it was not yesterday, damn confusing date line!). very randomly i met a girl on the street the night before i left LA who was on my flight today and is on my boat tour as of tomorrow, much fun! today largely been sitting about chatting to a few people and reading my book which i have now swapped for a new one for some beach reading! also had to walk along the road to McDonalds cause that's the nearest bank machine and had to step over a fallen coconut, how cool is that!?!? and strangely more people seem to speak english here than they did in the states, also was surprised cause all the signs seem to just be in english but everyone seems to speak fijian (or whatever the language is called, hmmm).

Tonight i'm staying at what is more like a mini resort than a youth hostel, has 3 restraunts, 2 bars (or maybe thats the other way round) and 2 swimming pools, a laundry service, a beautitian type place and all millions of palm trees, not too bad really! i'm off tomorrow morning on a boat tour of some of the islands near nadi (where i am now and where i fly in and out of) which should be fun fun fun! i've heard some interesting stories about local drinks you are given in some villages, called Kava i think (not fizzy wine) and aparently it looks like muddy water and pretty much tastes like it and makes your face go numb... i'll see and let you know. i think some of the accommodation won't be quite as nice as here but as long as there's a beach and some sea i'll be happy!

love to you all!