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Claire’s Travel Diary

Friday, 29 Jun 2007

MapHeylo lovely people!

Sorry not been adding much of late, not really been up to too much worth reporting really. had almost a week in auckland, which to my surprise i actually quite like (auckland that is) everyone goes on about how rubbish it is but really it's just quite a nice city, not much else too it but good people, lots to do and lots of volcanos popping up in the middle of it. i met some really good people and had a laugh with them which always helps, bit of a boogie one night, good times! also met up with a girl who i'd randomly met on the street in LA, then on a boat in Fiji and now in NZ, you have to love the randomness of the traveling world. me and aoife (my LA/Fiji and now NZ friend) took a walk up Mount Eden one of the 7 i think volcanos in Auckland city, it's mad there's huge crators in the top of them and they're just surrounded by houses and roads, but apparently there's a new one every six to seven hundred years, it's been 650 since the last one so auckland could go flying at any second really! was a good view over the city and you can see all the other volcanos just popping up randomly throughout, pretty cool really.

i also did a free tour round the city, i was rather sceptical about how much you'd do on a free tour but it was really good, just took you round the main points of the city, let someone jump of the sky tower for free, then all of us were allowed to walk along under the harbour bridge for free too, to watch some folk from the bus jump off it, bungy style. one poor girl took about 6 attempts before she finally got off the bridge but it means she got a much longer dvd so well worth the money! another great day and more good people, these good people are everywhere its amazing!

got my hair cut too, had to check out my hostel to move rooms one morning so was up quite early and just meandering round auckland so i thought i quite fancied a hair cut, found a wee place that was cheap and had a wee chinese man hacking away at my hair which was only semi wet and semi curly and all was done in bout 10 minutes, much to my surprise its actually quite a nice hair cut, got to straighten it and everything thanks to sabrina and dan who both had their ghd's with them (to those of you not familiar with the term ghd, it's the best kind of hair straightner).

now i'm staying with susan and robert for a few days, its been great to rest up and get rid of the cold i seemed to be getting and catch up with them. they're off skiing next week and i'm heading back to meet up with some friends who are on their travels round this great land!

still no idea what i'm doing, going to avoid work for as long as possible and see the country in the winter time, altough one of my friends claims he can get me a job in christchurch so i may have to look into that... but avoiding working seems like so much more fun (sorry parents!).

Hope all's well with you all,
lots of love,