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Claire’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 03 Jul 2007

Location: New Zealand


i keep not doing too muchc but i'll tell you about it anyway. i had a lovely relaxing few days with susan and robert where i did just about nothing but helped shift my cold on a bit, although it decided it wasn't quite ready to leave me after spending a day out in the rain in taupo...

i headed to taupo for the weekend where i met up with aoife, a friend i met in LA, fiji and auckland so that was nice although she has her own personal cold which is attacking her, seems to be going around a bit but suppose that's what happens in winter especially when you're sleeping with about 7 random people in your room every night. was rather damp in taupo, so didn't get up to too much the first day and then we decided that really it wasn't going to dry up so we should do something so me and a couple of irish girls headed out on a walk. thankfully i've now invested in a proper waterproof!!!! so my top half stayed nice and dry, my legs, head (becuase i didn't quite get round to putting my hood up) and my feet however were soaked. was quite good to do a semi proper walk and cause it was in the rain we felt even more virtuous. although i did manage to get myself a lift back into town on the magic bus, only so much dampness i can take!

i headed back up to auckland yesterday, although that very nearly didn't happen. i was sitting waiting for the bus to come and pick me up outside my hostel (first time on the stray bus, cheap bus pass i got the other night) and i saw the bus go by along the next street so thought it would just be coming back for me once getting someone else, then about 10 minutes past so i thought, hmmmmmmm maybe they aren't coming back so i called the office, turns out he'd forgotten me but came back into get me! so all was well again. and very randomly the guy that i got my 2 for 1 pass with was also on the bus, i love this traveling round feeling like you know everyone. which was emphasised even more when i got back to auckland and knew about 5 people in the reception area, all tour guides or emplyees of here but all very friendly so you feel all nice and popular. then i very quickly made myself unpopular cause this alarm started going off, i had no idea what it was and it just kept going, nobody seemed to have a clue, then i picked up my bag and the noise seemed to move... turns out it was my personal alarm that i didn't even know i had, was given to me when i started doing victim support work and i'd obviously left it in my bag, oops!

took part in the quiz last night, we came 6th which isn't great but there were only 3 of us and 12 teams took part so not too bad! then i met up with one of the guys i'd met here before, it's great, like meeting up with an old friend!

oh yeah and i've booked tickets to go and watch the all blacks down in christchurch a week on saturday, which means i'm on a timescale at the moment and only have just over a week to get down there so i'll be rushing down the north island a bit but that's fine cause i've seem a lot of it before and i'll be back up again. so yeah that's exciting! then i think i'll meander round the south island for a while then think about getting work.

hopefully going to sort my bank stuff out today then all the dull stuffs over with!

hope all's well with you all, keep me updated!