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Claire’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 04 Jul 2007

Location: New Zealand

Maphad a bit of a mini adventure last night....

one of my friends decided we should go to see a flim on the biggest cinema screen in the world last night, not a bad plan! so we headed off on a bus to the cinema, it was quite far out so we thought we'd be sensible and check when the last train or bus was so that we could get back into town, a good plan. so we checked and there was a train at 11.11, which meant that we were going to have to leave the film a little early but we decided that would be worth it to see the big screen. so we went to see transformers, had to sit apart cause it was full and left about an hour before the end to head to the train platform. sat there for a bit, was rather chilly, i'd forgotten that it being winter perhaps a jacket or even a big jumper might have been helpful... oh well. so yeah waiting for a bit then the security guy at the platform came up to us, about 5minutes after we'd arrived to politely inform us that the last train had left hours ago and they only did late trains (as in beyond 9pm) on fridays. oh dear! so we were rather stuck, decided we might as well go back into the cinema to see the end of the film. which was surprisingly good, and quite funny, rather cheesey at points too. but we were still stuck so decided to wander a wee bit townwards (being i don't know how far out but it was far, and involved motorways) dean decided he could try for hitchhiking but mum you'll be pleased to hear that in a random part of auckland at midnight is probably not the best place to be picked up so that didn't work too well. after a bit we found a petrol station and the guy called us a taxi so we managed to get home safe and sound. had a nice chat with the taxi man whose cousin used to play rugby for scotland! wasn't good enough for the all blacks so we took him in, how kind of us!

anyway that was last nights wee adventure, today we're off to an island so who knows what might happen, might be doing some swimming...