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Claire’s Travel Diary

Monday, 16 Jul 2007

Location: New Zealand

MapHi all!

It's been a while... i've been busily travelling down the north island and haven't had a second to fill this in, things have quietened off for now so i'm back!

well last i told you was i was off for a day trip out to one of the islands off Auckland, as expected all did not quite go to plan as we'd missed the last ferry over to the island but that did not deter instead we went to another area of auckland most easily accessed by boat, aparently devenport is a lovely place to visit in the summer, beaches, nice walks, it however is not summer... it was a nice day to start with though so me being always very prepared headed out in my nice cozy hoody and thought that would be enough, and it was as we walked up the first of the two volcanos in devonport. after that however it was in God's good wisdom that the area was in need of some watering so i too received a good watering! much to my surprise my jumper turned out to be a little waterproof, with the water running off it at first, this however didn't last and i got rather sodden. dean however was a little more prepared and had a waterproof, as sensible as that was it didn't actually stop him getting soaked through, it was rather wet! we had a great day though and provided some amusement for the locals in the shops who were a bit confused as to why we'd bothered going for walks on such a nasty day, so nasty that you couldn't really see any of the views from the top of the hills, why we went is a good question but it was a fun day!

after leaving auckland i headed north to the coromandal coast on the stray bus (another backpacker bus, i thought i might as well try them all...) luckily i headed off then cause i few days later there were huge floods and people got trapped without power. loads of really nice people on the bus so we had a great time, went to hot water beach to dig some holes and lie in the hot water, i decided i'd just dip my feet largely cause the water was far too hot and i thought i might burn myself, also it's not all that fun stripping down to your swimming gear at 6.30pm in the dark in mid winter... was quite a contrast from standing in the freakily hot water in the holes that we'd dug to having to walk through a burn on the way back to the bus, the water in which i'd say was nearer ice cold than boiling!! oh if this doesn't make sense, hot water beach has some naturally boiling hot water just below the surface of the sand and if you dig a hole at the right time of tide you get some blooming hot water! aparently you can boil eggs in it, properly hot!

After the coromandal we headed down to Raglan which is a wee surfing town on the west coast of the north island, really pretty wee place and the hostel was in a secluded area up amougst the trees. i decided against surfing although a lot of them went, we decided to go for a walk up into the forrest instead, it was a proper trek through the forrest, lots of mud, some path and thankfully lots of trees to hang onto! was a nice walk but coming down in the slippy mud was a little tricky, i managed to only fall on my ass once, Roshni (one of the girls i was with) fell about 5 times, rather muddy on the behind! we had a great night in Raglan all sitting about in this big barn chatting away, its amazing how quickly you get to know people when you're away. the whole barn set up was great, it had a basketball net at one end, table tennis in the middle and some sofas and a heater at one end, all up a wee path that nobody could see, semi lit up by some night light candles, fantastically random!

right i think that'll do for now, hope you are all well!
lots of love,