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Claire’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 31 Jul 2007


and now to my trip down the south island... well it was fab! that's about it, no not really athough a lot of it is rather visual so i'll have to add some photos so you can kind of see what i'm on about.

staying in a hostel type farm place in able tasman national park, which was fun and properly smelt like a farm (hardly surprising i'm sure you're thinking but it was in a nice way and was good) so yeah went for a wee walk there and there were some fantastic carved sculputres, just out the side of trees and stuff, crazy.

the next place we stayed was called barrytown, which unless you are travelling round new zealand with stray (the bus comapny i'm with) you are very very unlikely to even notice as you drive through, it's not a big place, and when i say not a big place i mean there was a pub (where we stayed) and i'd say about maybe 10 other houses you could see, the school bus was infact a car that said school bus on a bit of card in the front window (a people carrier but still a car) and yeah that'd be it. i don't think there was a shop and there might have been a phone box but i don't think so, so yeah barrytown is small and for some reason we had two nights here. to be fair to good old barry (who needs the town eh?) we had fun, the pub where we stayed have a thing where you can get happy hour prices for longer if you wear some of their very fetching fancy dress gear, which of course everyone does, i was rather taim in my choice and wore a yellow shirt and tie, others went a bit further, some may say too far but needless to say all rather amusing! and despite the lack of size barrytown had a few things to offer, well i say a few things i think the maybe one thing would be more accurate but i did it, and that's bone carving, they've got lots of bone carved necklaces and things round here and in barrytown you can do your own, was great fun, shaping it, sanding it down and the like and now i can wear it and tell everyone i made it, yeahy! we did some walks and scenic viewpoints in the afternoon and sucessfully filled up my time in good old barrytown!

next big adventure was in franz josef, one of the big glaciers as you go down the west coast, i'd already done a half day hike up it last time i was here but this time i decided i wanted to do the helli hike, was so much fun! firstly i'd never been in a hellicopter before so it was dead exciting just doing that but also to be on top of this massive glaicer on a fantastically clear sunny day, beautiful! and it's amazing how safe you feel wandering around on a massive block of ice just cause you have some spikes on your feet, although the girl in front of me did fall on her behind and skidded down the ice a little, thankfully more ice stopped her and she didn't skid too far. and rather bizarrely and a little off the point, some of my friends who were on a different hike saw a rabbit running about on the ice, madness! so yeah a really good day, much fun!!

think that's enough for now, it's getting close to tea time and i'm going to head to the supermarket, oh and you'll be glad to know i'm feeling much better after my spell of plague,