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Claire’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 09 Sep 2007

Location: New Zealand


just thought i'd do a quick update to inform you all that generally i've done just about nothing for the past couple of weeks, i'm still alive though and having fun!

i've been in auckland for coming up on 3 weeks and i'm really not sure what i've done, i did make a half arsed attempt at looking for work but then when the one job i applied for didn't work out i decided to give up and hit the road again. so i'm doing a bit more travelling with my friend dean who i met here a couple of months ago. we're going to do some bits of the north island that i've missed out on previous trips, do some walking and again generally avoid getting work. so perhaps in a couple of weeks i'll look for some employment but we'll see...

met some really nice people and gone to a few parks, met up with friends from before so i'm keeping myself busy just nothing all that exciting, i'll have more to report oce i'm back on the road.

love to you all, what you been up to??? probably more than me!!