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Claire’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 04 Oct 2007

Location: New Zealand

Mapwell hello again!

what have i been up to... well being a sensible girl and all i decided the quickest way down to the south island to get a job was to head back to auckland... (for those of you that don't know the geography of the country, where i was in Bay View is about maybe 4 or so hours from wellington where you get the boat south and possibly about 5 or 6 hours from auckland, them being in opposite directions) so yeah i returned to my new home the camel, came to check in and they didn't even need to ask my name, not sure if this is a good thing or not. but it was great to be home, catching up with friends, or as they are now known family! i've met some really nice people in auckland so it was great seeing them all again. but as has become my way in auckland i didn't actually do that much. my friend louise's little brother came up to visit for the night so we showed him our auckland, which was largely the camel, but also went for a swim and did a free city tour round auckand, it's a good way to get away from the main street in auckland and out to some of the really nice park areas. also i got a free lunch, the machine they had wouldn't accept my card and i had no money so the nice guy behind the bar gave me my lunch for free! not bad eh?

now what else did i do... well i ended up having a day trip up to the coromandal, not intending to be a day trip but hey whats another pointless journey to add to the pack!?! i was trying to get to taupo on tuesday and was speaking to one of the drivers that i know he was going to be driving down to taupo on tuesday, so yeahy free ride! was going to be a rather long way round but door to door, free and some company so i wasn't complaining. so up early on tuesday morning to get on the bus firstly up to the coromandal on the stray bus then jump into a spaceship and head to taupo (no i've not gone mad a spaceship is a kind of campervan car type thing, same company as stray but for those wanting to drive themselves). was a nice wee drive up in the sunshine, some nice view points, all of which i'd seen the two other times i'd done this route but equally as pretty. fantastically sunny as we sat and waited in hahei for one of the other drivers to bring the spaceship, as we waited thumper (my driver for the day) got a call from the office saying he no longer needed to go down to taupo... hmmmmmmm, which meant i could either wait and move on with the bus tomorrow, get dropped off somewhere on route back to auckland or return to auckland for the night. after some thought i decided the easiest option was returning to auckland, got to see my friends again and hadn't lost anything on my wee day trip. so again i returned to the camel for yet another last night! good fun and only slightly made a fool of myself by attempting to play pool, anyone whose seen me play pool will know i get my money's worth by taking hours to pot anything!

i've now finally left auckland for good, or at least for a good few months and i'm down in palmerston north catching up with dean before heading to kapiti island, apparently they give away 50 visas a day and it's a nice walk up yet another big hill, who knew i was so into hill climbing... or perhaps i'm just being tricked into it :)

so yeah thats been my last week or so, good fun, great people and now i've lost my voice, although keep forgetting and trying to speak normally and just a squeek comes out.

hope you're all well, and proud of me for updating this more than once a month at the moment!!