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Claire’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 25 Oct 2007

Mapwell what's new in the world of me...

i suppose my biggest news is i have a job! i know who'd have thought it, i've put it off long enough and sadly now i am no longer unemployed, not only that but i have 2 jobs. one is just for accommodation doing some housekeeping and the other is for actual money, i can't believe there's going to be money going into my account!!!! working in an ice cream shop called 'lick'. i had some training this morning but officially start tomorrow, nothing too taxing i think, and some free rather tastey ice cream too!

apart from that, i've been catching up with my friend louise whose come down from auckland and a few others i've met along the way who all seem to make their way to queenstown, a few of whom will be about long term too which is great, always good meeting new people but its nice to not have to say bye to your friends every two days or so.

we've had some great weather too, summers comming!! but i think out of kindness to you all the less said about that the better!

i really haven't been up to that much else... loving being in queenstown though, it's beautiful around here and even though i've only been here for just over a week i can't walk around the streets without bumping into people i know, really nice small town feel to the place despite the huge numbers of tourists that pass through everyday.

very excited about my first pay cheque coming through!! and still not 100% sure where i'll settle, i'm going to sus out some smaller hostels over the next few days to perhaps get a more homely feel, all a bit money dependent though, and as much as i like changing other peoples sheets i think that particular job has a shelf life of a couple of weeks maximum!

hope you're all well,