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Claire’s Travel Diary

Monday, 12 Nov 2007

MapHello lovely people!

i have been informed that it's about time i updated this so i've added some photos for you to have a wee look at to see what i've been up to and the view from my bed room, not bad eh?

i'm now an employed member of the public, i did a couple of weeks of two jobs (cleaning and bed making in the morning and serving ice cream in the evening) but it became a bit much for me working all the time so i gave up the mornings cleaning. the ice cream shop will last for another few weeks but it would appear that the shop is going to be open till mid night on christmas eve and hogmanay and on christmas day and i'm not thinking that's a good idea, so my ice cream days are numbered... i'm still based at one of the bigger hostels in town, called base infact and might be there for a while cause my friends are working there so we'll see.

apart from the joys of working i've not been doing all that much, lots of sitting in the sunshine, oh how i love the sunshine!!! and going to the bar after work, one of the annoying things about working evenings is that i can't go straight to bed from work so i keep loosing my voice from having to shout in the bar, oh well good times, nice and sociable.

it's great its becoming summery here, i've even gone a bit brown already so was very confused when i got a text from home the other day saying there was snow up north, but surely not it's nearly summer... ah yes all different up with you. also very strange there was an advert on tv this mroning saying somethinga bout dieting for getting into your swimmers for chirstmas, madness, i'm not sure how i'm going to get my brain to realise it's chrismas in the sunshine.

no real idea of any long term plans at the moment, if i get another job i might well stay around queenstown for the whole summer if not i'll probably head off after the new year, who knows to where.... loving the unpredictability of it all, much fun!

hope life's good with you!